ESL 1 Cologne box is a earning

ESL 1 Cologne box is a earning

Postby Haklon » Tue Jul 11, 2017 1:48 pm

SK Gaming kicked off every one!I was watching every game of this ESL 1 Cologne...I noticed lately that this box store is preparing often items to different championships. I remember I was buying there cases devoted to Majors and Dreamhack and got from both of them nice models!At all times I was purchasing cases to champs I was getting profit!

That is why I always trying to watch boxes and events in the CSGO Universe... And thus I at once refilled my account and begun to spin ESL 1 cologne case!.. Count skins and you will see that there are 49 skins total in he case and 36 of them are profit... And this spin wisit exceeded my expectations...So, I have filled my account at $80 and started to opening...I was spinning some times and almost each opening I made was a win!

Models I won were not expensive but not low cost too – it was a small benefit. After few dropps I caught Bowie Knife Tiger Tooth... I hoped to get more nice models but this was nice either!.. Nevertheless I will try this box later again...If it will be on store!
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