CSGO users and gamers named TOP 5 CS:GO skins in Open cs:go

CSGO users and gamers named TOP 5 CS:GO skins in Open cs:go

Postby Lurenika » Wed Aug 09, 2017 11:34 am

Opencsgo has conducted a survey among its users and found out what 5 skins are the most loved by gamers... Fans answered some questions about what items are the best in their opinion!.. Was interviewed near 25. 000 gamers per follow-up form!.. The appraisal of items was made in different category!.. The factor are: the Most Expensive Item, the Skin with Rapidly Increasing Popularity, the Skin with best Esthetics and Exterior, the Item on Trend and the Best Item in Collection...

Pride of Collection
The title of the best skin of the new collection got M4A4 Hellfire! The demand of this M4A4 can be explained by the freshness of the Operation Hydra from which it has come...

The Skin in Trend
The Skin on Trend is M9 Bayonet Gamma Doppler. This item has the strong demand according to users answers! This item has the largest number of page views on Opencsgo!..

Item with highest Popularity
The title of the Rapidly Growing Popularity has conquered a very special item and it is not a skin. This is a sticker!.. We think you can guess this one:) The title of the Rapidly Growing Demand item has gained iBuyPower Katowice 2014 holo sticker...

The Most Slightly Skin
Asimov M4A4 has won the title of the Skin with best Esthetics and Exterior!.. The Asimov always attracts attention because of its colors executed in the style future...

Top Expensive skins
You know there are some skins which cost crazy money... These items didn't participate in this rating in the standart the Most Expensive Skin... The rank of the Most Expensive Skin got the AWP Medusa...

That is nice that such service as Open cs:go provides such rating. I will watch news to be aware in all changes of the CSGO items market!..
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