e-Sports for Everyonne!!

e-Sports for Everyonne!!

Postby Globalgamer » Tue Sep 29, 2015 11:17 am

Hi All Gamers.

There is a new phenomenon hitting SA right now. It is bringing e-Sports to the masses by introducing short mobile games where you can challenge friends or others to a head to head mini tournament on you mobile device for a $ prize. This is for the gamers that want to satisfy their competitive spirit with a quick one on one test of skill when they have a couple of minutes to spare. The games are downloaded from the google store for free. (shortly on IOS as well) Purchase some match points and start challenging your friends . To register go towww.globalgamer.challengedragon.com on your pc or android device, click on join, go through the process and then download the games on you android device. There are 6 games at present with more to come soon. Have some fun whilst making a few $ on the side.
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