Avatars and Signatures

Avatars and Signatures

Postby Admin » Sat Jul 07, 2012 6:21 pm

Avatar and SIgnature Rules

* Avatars may not consist of any pornographic or inappropriate material.
* Signatures may not be multi-leveled.
* Only one line of text is permitted above or beneath a signature image. Text must be kept to standard font size.
* Signatures may consist of a maximum of one image no larger than 600 width and 200 height.
* The only exception to the above dimensions are signatures made by automatic gamer stats generation sites. These may be a maximum of 640 width and 170 height. No concessions will be made.
* These signature sizes will be monitored and images falling outside of the rules will be removed. Repeat offenders will have their signature privileges removed.
* No Flash/animated signatures. No ugly and visually offensive high-contrast colours.
* Avatars uploaded to the Forum may be a maximum size of 19kb's
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